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As the leading Authorized Dealer of TM Berhad, we provide a wide range of internet and data plan options catering to personal and business needs. Our close-knit team of specialist are equipped with decades of industry experience, and they are ready to respond to your request ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

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Our TM Unifi plans are packed with so much more data for all your surfing, entertainment and social needs.
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Bill payment can be less hassling if only you find a one-stop solution for bill payment. We can get you off the hook by helping you to process your telco bills, utility bills, and miscellaneous bills with plenty of payment options available.

About Us

Since our inception in 2011 primarily as a franchise holder and retail dealership operator for TM Berhad, we have been delivering stellar performance, in which we won numerous back-to-back accolades for best nationwide outlet awards. We have never looked back since then and consistently expand our retail branches throughout Malaysia, with the majority of them located within the Johor Bahru district…