About Us

Broadband IT Sdn Bhd (BBIT) was established in 2011 primarily as a franchise holder and retail dealership operator for TM Berhad, the main service provider for telecommunication and internet services in Malaysia.

Granted the franchise license, we were able to set up and operate our primary outlet located at Taman Nusa Bestari, Nusajaya, Johor. Following years of excellent performances in which we won numerous back-to-back accolades for best nationwide outlet awards, we were able to expand our retail branches throughout Malaysia, with the majority of them located within the Johor Bahru district.
Concurrent with our success in the broadband and telecommunication retail industry, we have ventured into development of business IT solutions. We are currently one of the market leaders in payment and bill collection solutions. We have developed and deployed fully integrated and customizable systems for payment collection and management. In fact, our systems are fully capable of managing tens of thousands of daily transactions with estimated monthly collection amount beyond RM20 million. This segment of our business has been growing at a rapid pace and as a result, we have been continuously expanding our hardware systems to cater to the ever-increasing demand and data load.

Vision & Values

We envision ourselves to be the leading IT services integrator in Malaysia with the capability to maximize potential of business ideas.
To achieve this vision, we lead ourselves and team by the following entrepreneurial values:
  • Be Purposeful
    We constantly inspire ourselves to pursue our passion and connect to an objective that is cumulatively greater than ourselves.
  • Be Fortitude
    We are a tight-knit team of thinkers, creators and self-starters which embraces new challenges with out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Be Trustworthy
    We strive to be transparent to both our team members and customers in hope of forging long-term trust and growing together.
  • Be Innovative
    Our direct and innovative thinking has won us many integral clients and partners who share our unique vision and policy, allowing us to stay ahead of the game by continually evolving in this robust business environment of the 21st century.